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Google Launches The Google Apps Developer Blog. Just in time for its Google Apps App Store?Google has just posted its first welcome post to its new Google Apps Developer Blog.

The post’s opening sentence explains that the blog is for “developers interested in building applications that leverage Google Apps.”

While Google Apps already allows developers to build for its Apps platform and has a marketplace for applications built, last week we brought you news of further developments into a full featured ‘Apps Store’. Although not confirmed by Google itself, the launch of this blog is a sure sign Google plans further developments of its Google Apps developer platform.

In the post Google also mentions its Google I/O event in May, when we’re quite likely to see the Google App Store come to full fruition.

Google Apps is a business-class version of Google Docs and includes souped-up Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs (for word processing, spreadsheet, presentations and forms) components along with administration capabilities.

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WordPress Hosting | WPWebHost

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SnapABug – Google App Engine

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About SnapABug :

SnapABug is a widget that can simply be installed on any website. It enables users to easily request support while providing the support team with a screenshot of users web page along with additional debug information; Helping website operator to help their customers faster and more accurately. The SnapABug Help widget is free.