Prepared but – Intimidated – Now Relieved

Posted: July 28, 2012 in miscellaneous

For the past four years I have not prepared for a single examination in my b-tech, i think most of you don’t in your B-tech study. I had not frightend to face the exam, i have not even bothered to chech my result for not even single time. I laughed at the people who cry for getting high ranks and strive for marks.

But for the first time after getting out of the Bachlor degree, I was scared to face an exam which I worked out a lot. At last I have done with it today it, feels i m relieved now. Oh I did not still mention the name of the exam yet its TOEFL –  Test of English as a Foreign Language. 

Since i have done some thing incredibly new ( preparing for an exam ), I found few things.

Firstly be fearless about any exam first thing you have do is to Know what the exam is about. Here if I say to know, you should dig very deep that you know every element of the exam and more over you should know what exam is expecting from you. 

I really don’t think Months of preparation is needed to get high scores – you may think that “Even we know this strategy but we lack in implementing”. If we know every detail of the exam and what questions will be asked, we will never get frightned again.

This article may be uterly ridiculous to read. But thanks for spending some time.


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