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Posted: February 1, 2010 in miscellaneous

Physalia Concept, a garden under water

Blow of heart for the discovery of the architect Vincent Callebaut (viaFubiz) proposing different plans for sustainable development. His latest, “Physalia” a ship is 100% self-sufficient in energy scheduled to travel on European rivers with its perfect symmetry, its oblong shape and translucent look.

Aimed at the emergence of a vanguardecological, conception to zero carbon is eco-designed from renewable energies. Physalia is divided into four themed gardens: Water (main entrance), Earth (the heart of the laboratory), Fire (lounge submarine) and air (oxygen space).

Physalia is a Navyamphibian, half aquatic and half terrestrial aimed to combine ecology and economy of water to develop strategic solutions to boost the river network and participate in the new prototypes of environmental resources.

+ More information on the project by Vincent Callebaut on its website


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Posted by Pixiome Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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