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Posted: February 1, 2010 in miscellaneous
Posted by core jr | 25 Jan 2010  |  Comments (0)


Thomas Valcke, a designer living in Belgium, has decided to put his entire inspirational library online, under the title athousandgreatideas. The blog already has over 100+ products that pertain to the ins and outs of product development. For example, up now is a lotus-leaf-inspired, self-cleaning exterior coating and a pocket-sized solar lighter.

From Thomas:

As a product designer I have experienced that the quality of your output in a project is directly related to the input. Therefore it is essential to have an inspirational library. Not to copy but to inspire. athousandgreatideas is all about sharing my inspirational-library of products and technology so it can be inspiring, stimulating for your future projects too. Some of these products/ideas are rather benign and some of them are just plain funny. Others will have a much larger impact on our future and the way it looks/works. But all of them share some kind of genius. I do hope all of them will inspire and motivate you to think outside of the box.

Definitely worth a look-see.


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