LOove vs Friendship

Posted: November 3, 2009 in i liked, miscellaneous, my past experiences, my quotes n sayings, Na pichi Ratalu

Friendship is greater than love …

I think most of u would agree …right.

But my question is ..

If there is no love, how does friendship build ….?

We try to make them ,whom v love -as a friend…

There is no frendship without Love…

LOve makes Friendship possible ,…evn,

Love makes Life beautiful.

So, Evrythng has their importance,

We can neava compare ..

Or  neva, ever judge which is greater…

There are not many things in life ,

So beautiful as true friendship and

Not Many things MoOre UnComMon..

  1. raghu says:

    Is love with girl friend better than friend ship da?????

    • youngster hemanth says:

      Ans is wid u dude

      love wid a girl friend … hmmm ,.,. u said dat shez u r frnd
      its not awful to love a girl frnd of urs who is just a frnd.
      u can make ua frnd a lover ,, i don thnk any thng awful in dat
      its all depends on yew ar relatoins …though i m not here 2 talk abut anybody

      and its all abut people dude ,,.,how dey take dat

      nobody can conclude abut love n frndshp but evryone has their own opinion

      In my veiw evrythgn inexistance has got its own importance ..

      I hope u got sun thng ,, these thngs may already known by u ppl/.

      I don say anyting new b’coz u kno evrythgn ,, but i ll remind u when required…

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